7 Days to Die Hosting

No lag, cheap 7 days to die game hosting.

10 Slots


20GB Space - 1 Database

Anti-DDos - Managed Support

Only $9 / month

20 Slots


20GB Space - 2 Databases

Anti-DDos - Managed Support

Only $18 / month

32 Slots


40GB Space - 2 Database

Anti-DDos - Managed Support

Only $28.80 / month

All Plans Feature:


Rest assured with our lightning network, we mitigate any and all attacks that may come your way.

Instant Setup

Upon purchase your server is instantly setup for your within seconds.

Money Back Guarantee

Unhappy with our services? Contact our support within 24 hours for a no questions asked refund on any services!

Client Testimonials

"I have used a multitude of different game hosts in the industry, Gameeo's superior support and staff set it apart from anything else around."

- Graham Maran
(Minecraft Server)

"Everything a game host should be.. and then some. Gameeo is the only way to go when it comes to game servers."

- Alimemaj
(ARK Server)

"Gameeo's panel is amazing and they are incredibly helpful with anything you need. Don't need to know anything about hosting or game servers, you just need them!"

- Sunny Sing
(Minecraft Server)